WWE Immortals Game Review: WWE Superstars Re-defined

WWE Immortals

WWE Immortals redefines the persona of the WWE Superstars

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in a partnership with WWE today announced WWE Immortals for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. This games has been developed by NetherRealm Studios who are very well known as the creators of the best-selling Mortal Kombat franchise and Injustice: Gods Among Us.
The game is freely available in the respective App Stores.

WWE Immortals has all the well-known stars of the WWE world. John Cena®, The Rock®, Brock Lesnar®, Triple H®, Roman Reigns®, The Bella Twins™, Big Show® and Sheamus® play a part in this action packed mobile gameplay.

The game has attractive graphics and design, which will give the player a very immersive experience. The game is has very easy functionality. It utilizes a touch-based system, where players can make the Immortal stars wield their powers and signature moves. To make the game more immersive participants can engage players around the world in Online Gameplay as well supercharge their roster with gear and support cards.

In our review of the Game, It has a big file size (Around 1 GB) which could be a hassle while downloading but the game does Load Quickly. It has an Easy to Navigate Menu and the Tutorial does most of the explaining on how to play. Graphics are great as well on a phone or tablet with good Hardware. We do recommend a HD 720p/1080p display while playing the game.

Varied collection of WWE Immortal Superstars to choose from

Varied collection of WWE Immortal Superstars to choose from

The game revolves around a story where WWE superstars are in a mythological world and go head to head in battles against each other. The environment a far cry from the usual WWE ring where we normally watch these superstars combat but rather the combats take place in an open environment.

The effects of the Superstars look a tad bit unrealistic while the gaming music is average. I did not feel the game was super-addictive although there are several levels in which you can keep progress to be the ‘King-of-the Hill‘ superstar.

The Game-play is an Action Packed Combat. Three WWE Immortal Superstars take on a battle versus another three superstars. The game Involves Knocking out each of the three opponents one by one. You can keep switching between your three players so as to choose which player goes into combat at a particular time.


The game Involves Knocking out each of the three opponents one by one.

Controls are very easy. The game involves mostly swiping and fast tapping to make combat and knockout the other opponent. At first, the game is far from challenging and it is very easy to win all your games right at the beginning levels. As games process you fight better and better superstars and one can notice that the game gets way tougher to win.

The game is fun to play at first. If you are a WWE fan you might definitely enjoy playing this game as this game takes WWE to a different level as the stars feature a completely different persona.

You can download the Game on Android and iOS.
Download Links:

iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) – Click Here
Android Phones/Tablets – Click Here


  • diwanahu gaur says:

    The game is automatically crashing in my phone…my phone is Karbonn titanium octane …i have 4 GB free space ..and graphics are 1980 HD ..but i can not play ..online match ..the game is crashing automatically ..when i click on online match …button…plzz help me….please

    • Technically WWE Immortals should run well on the Titanium. Trying freeing up RAM on your Phone as it could well be the reason why this is occurring. Re-Install the game if this repeatedly occurs.

  • bkrmjt Sng rmgria says:

    Micromax canvas spark q380n wwe immortals supported kri gaa
    Meri phn ki 1gb ddr3 ram aur 8gb internal memory hee but meri phn pr support nhi kr rahe kio ¿¿????

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